Hirekolale lake

Hirekolale lake also lies in Chikkamagaluru. This lake was built to supply water for the people of Chikkamagaluru town. Hills, estates, and the forest are surrounded here to make this lake more fantabulous. Shootings of many movies are made here as it gives the best spectacular view. It is 16km traveling from Rain tree stay …

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Hiremagaluru lake

Hiremagaluru lake is situated in Hiremagaluru of Chikkamagaluru district. This lake is one of the oldest and biggest lakes in the district of Chikkamagaluru. Kodanda Rama temple near will make you feel spiritual. Distance from Rain tree stay and Hiremagaluru lake is 24 km.

Dantaramakki lake

Dantaramakki lake lies in the district of Chikkamagaluru. To reserve rainwater for agriculture, this lake was built centuries ago. This lake is also recognized as Basavanahalli lake. The wide lake will give you a good spectacular view. Vivekananda statue which is situated in the center of the Dantaramakki lake is the main attraction of this …

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Ayyanakere lake

This broad and magnificent lake lies near Sakharaya Pattana of Chikkamagaluru district. It has historical importance as it is believed to be built by king Rukmangada Raya. This lake has 10 canals and feeds 1,560 hectares of agricultural land. In the background of the lake, there is a hill called Shakunagiri which doubles the beauty …

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Mugthihalli lake

: Mugthihalli lake is situated in the small village of Mugthi Halli at Chikkamagaluru district. This beautiful lake gives the best panoramic view. Clean and still water, which feeds the whole village will give serenity to you. This lake is not so wide. There is a beautiful hill behind the lake and another side, agricultural …

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